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Ever since Madness Day occurred, I've actually become motivated to make Madness related shit.

Sooooo, today I drew up Moros' character models and also did a walk cycle


I'm pretty proud of my progress, especially after how many months of not even bothering with Madness or Newgrounds itself

Please watch the whole thing, I worked very hard on it :^3c




In all seriousness, I'll probably release some art at a later point but Madness Day/Week would be over by then

Neat to see one of my favorite online series last for 10 years, kudos to Krinkels, Cheshyre, and everyone else who helps make the cartoon so great ((including the fans))


I've had this picture with Hank and the Punisher made for me on /co/ by a certain drawfag, and I've been tempted to post for quite a while, but I knew it wasn't my own art so I wasn't sure if I would get in trouble for posting it, but since it's Madness Day, fuck it


Looks sweet af, amirite?

As for me, I'mma probably be posting an animation or somethin quickly since I'm a procrastinator and haven't made anything until recently. For now tho, I'll just enjoy all the other stuff people will be posting

((project nexus 2 and madness episode 11 when btw))

im lazy tbh

2016-05-12 07:22:34 by rogueretrospect


I guess this was sort of a test I made last year. idk *shrugs*




holy shit, i legit love everything about the site rn


too bad it's all a joke to them and they'll remove the layout soon :'^)))5398999_145958408663_make_hank_great_again_1_45.png


2016-03-25 11:29:05 by rogueretrospect


It's my birthday, yayyyy! Now, I'll just be sitting in the corner celebrating with some cake

(it's kind of coincidential that Kelzad's birthday was yesterday too, but ah well)

Audio Problems with Flash 8 ((already fixed))

2016-01-20 09:29:31 by rogueretrospect

I keep trying to import MP3 files into Flash, but it keeps giving me this error;

"One or more files were not imported because there were problems reading them."

I never had this problem on my old laptop, which was a Vista. Idk if it's my new laptop, or maybe the program I'm using to convert audio, which is Youtube Video Downloader. Please offer any advice you have bc I really am clueless on how to deal with this! :/


edit: I figured out that I just needed to convert it to a .wav file on Audacity, problem solved!

Just a test

2016-01-11 02:07:27 by rogueretrospect

Here's a Tricky walking cycle. Didn't feel bothered to clean the lines up, but don't hesitate to give critique or advice pls! I need it tbh :T

Happy New Years, everyone! 2016 is upon us and I have high hopes as an artist this year. So for my New Years resolutions, I would like to

  1. Produce more art ((obviously))
  2. Make various types of art. I've always been sticking to mostly two sorts of fanart, Madness and Hotline Miami, but now I'd like to make more original content and different variety of fanarts.
  3. Make at least one animation this year. I've always tried to startup a project but never really had the motivation to finish it, so it'd be a big thing for me if I am able to post one online.
  4. Get more people to notice my art. That sounds pretty selfish of me, but I know it''s a good sign that I'm improving

So that's really it, at least relating to Newgrounds/art updates. I hope you all have a safe New Years and great 2016~

((Also a thank you to all the people who have followed me so far, it makes me feel proud and motivates me to work harder on my talents, so yeah, I appreciate all of you kilythxbai))